12 jun. 2014

I am here still standing. I am still waiting for you to come back and tell me that you have missed me all this time half of what I have missed you. I am silly, so silly. But the truth is that when you were left I really understood it. I loved you. All this time I'd loved you. You had me smiling whenever you sent me a message, you had me smiling whenever I saw you, you had me smiling always and I wasn't conscious of what was happening. It is true that nowadays it is a waste to say these words because what happened is now irreversible, it hurts to say it, it hurts to know it and it hurts to be aware that this is what I will have to deal with for a long time. Do you see the pain? It is consuming me, I need you, more than ever. I need you and I love you.
I dream about you kissing me when you obviously aren't, I see you when you aren't there, I seem to hear your voice when it's not, I think I've stopped loving you when I haven't.
I think that the worst was at the beginning but it hasn't ceased to be. It is true that I may have been thinking a little less about you lately but you are still on my mind. You always cloud one of my thoughts and I hate it.
I seem a little selfish if I say I want you, but I truly do.