8 feb. 2014

I like it and at the same time I dislike it,

How can be so, I wonder daily but I never get a rational answer.
Even though I know for sure  that i like the hot tea, I dislike the cold one. We are talking about the same, but in different states. 
Well, I like you, specially when you smile at me, when you wink at me, when you make me laugh, when you look at me and I dont even notice, when I get butterflies, when I really don't like something you do and you just stop doing it just to please me, when you make me blush, when you know I'm cold and you lend me your jacket, you even like me when you pester me.
But at the same time I dislike you, when you make me cry, when you make me suffer, when I expect so much from you but nothing ever happens, when you doesn't kiss me even though I wish for it, when you make me angry, when we shout at eachother but above all I really dislike when we don't talk.
If you realise, I adore the love and I despise the hate, but if we think about it, between hot and cold tea there's just some minutes of difference, so between love and hate there's the same.
And If there's something I know for sure is that I don't like reheated tea, what it's more, I despise it, the flavour it's not the same and you wonder how you let the tee cool down.

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